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ABOUT US Perfect Power is a brand of Digital Data Systems Pty. Ltd.

Perfect Power Engine Management Systems

Perfect Power is a brand of extraordinary fuel injection products that are sold and supported around the world by our ever growing dealer network. All Perfect Power units are manufactured and designed by Digital Data Systems (Pty) Ltd in South Africa by German Engineers.


Modern day fuel injected vehicles are so advanced and complicated that sometimes even the authorized service agents are unable to resolve simple tuning problems. With our range of piggy-back chips, we are able to tune your vehicle to perfection. We are able to do fueling, ignition, extra injector, boost management, lambda tuning and plug and play injector tuning.


All our piggy-back products are powerful computers which wok in synchronization with your existing engine ECU. Our piggy-back controllers provide a powerful and customizable tuning solution for any vehicle that can be easily operated with the dynamic LetRipp II Tuning Software.


Our standalone controllers are extremely powerful and feature packed. For the features they have, our stand alone controllers are compact. They are extremely reliable and durable units that you can depend on.

Perfect Power Dyno Tuning Facility

Perfect Power Dyno Tuning Facility

Perfect Power Dyno Tuning Facility

 The Perfect Power "Dyno Room" / Dyno Tuning Facility.    


Perfect Power Pick and Place Machine

Perfect Power Product Assembly.