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One Touch Ethanol Fuel Tuner.


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The purpose or aim of the E-Tune is to provide a fuel-controlling unit with a "Plug-and-Play" facility. The E-Tune requires no engineering, no cutting of wires and installs in minutes. In other words, it is guaranteed to work!



The E-Tune applies to the environmentally conscious installer, who would like to reduce fuel consumption or maximize the best possible fuel consumption in various situations, or it serves as an Ethanol adapter. The E-Tune also applies to the "performance" enthusiast, who would like to run his/her engine at the most powerful fuel ratio possible. Equally, the E-Tune applies to after market turbo and supercharger installations, which require more fuel under full boost. The performance side may require some engineering.


In any event, the E-Tune simply connects to the fuel-injected petrol engine's injector connectors, and this completes the minimum or basic installation for modifying fuel. There are more powerful units available for the ultimate performance enthusiast but not with this DIY capability and with that performance/price ratio.

E-Tune Ethanol Fuel Controller


Fuel and Ethanol Applications

Plug and Play Fuel Tuner : Connect to the injector clips (and nothing else) and tune the fuel up and down. With the optional (supplied) PC Software you can do magic to your engine, or iron out these little performance wrinkles. It is your choice!

Application : Manual Ethanol Control

Connect the injector clips and locate the supplied potentiometer near the dashboard. Then tune the amount of Ethanol enrichment as required : The final enrichment depends on the actual tank mixture of fuel and E85 and your driving style. Assuming that you have pure E85 in your tank then you can save fuel by turning the  adjustment to mid point or to full if you need the extra 5-10% more power. The typical fuel economy achieved while cruising is 15% with E85. The unit is shipped with this operating mode.


Application : Fuel Tuning #1

Connect the injector clips and locate the supplied potentiometer near the dashboard. Then tune the amount of fuel enrichment as required while you drive to get rid of these flat spots. Please Note that you can only enrich the engine up to 33%.


Application : Fuel Tuning #2

Connect the injector clips and locate the supplied potentiometer near the dashboard. Then install the supplied PC Software on your computer and connect to the RS232 port. You can now load a fuel reduction and fuel addition program in to the unit, which allows you to lean out the engine, or enrich it, while driving by  tuning the supplied potentiometer left or right.


Application : Fuel Tuning #3

To unleash the full power of the E-Tune you need to cut off the potentiometer and connect the wire to your TPS sensor, or to MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) or to the MAP (Manifold Pressure) Sensor. You can now map your fuel as the engine load changes for 16 load conditions and 24 RPM settings resulting in 384 map sites. It is possible to calibrate the RPM and load conditions to suit your engine. Although a little engineering is required to connect the load wire, you are rewarded with a fully mapped engine. If you have a laptop, then you can observe what the engine is doing, and you can tune while driving. Ask for help of a friend! Of course, you can de-tune (lean out) and enrich the engine to take care of the new pressure regulator, bigger injectors or the turbo charger.


The unit is pre-tuned to 33% enrichment via the potentiometer. This setting can be replaced via the supplied PC software and the RS232 port. Once the PC is connected, you can affect all settings to suit your application. A variety of PC display options make your tuning effortless and fun.


Units are available for 4 and 6 cylinder engines.