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Auto Inverter


A Perfect Power Peripheral Product.


Overview  |  Specifications

Introducing the Auto Inverter


Perfect Power has finally designed an inverter box that can be used with any type of switching signal. The inverter is used to INVERT ignition signals as there is a large variety of ignition coils and ignition amplifiers available on the market.



Not all of these coils and amplifiers trigger on the same polarity, hence the need for the Perfect Power four channel inverter.


There are also two drivers on board for driving aux functions; these can also be driven from the SMT range or even the XSM4 range of products. To switch on relays or drive shift lights directly.


The drivers have a current rating of 3 amps and should not be used to drive ignition coils. The four inverting channels have a current limit of 100 milli-amps, only sufficient to trigger an amplifier or relay. These four channels cannot drive any type of coil or injector.


Perfect Power Auto Inverter