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Perfect Power Stand Alone Unit.

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The XMS5 engine management system series is a result of many years of development. The XMS5 engine management system has features such as Speed input, additional RPM set points, ignition and injection simulation (this allows the installer to test for spark and fuelling without the engine running), rev counter output can be configured for most engine swops, map tuning based on load from the onboard MAP sensor, as well as up to 8 injection and ignition outputs.




The XMS5A & XMS5B uses LetRipp II Technology and this can be tuned by the LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software. The new XMS5A & XMS5B product range has undergone some modifications and upgrading from the XMS4 range.






XMS5A : 4 cylinder unit and NO Wide band Lambda

XMS5B : 8 cylinder unit (can be used for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines) with Wide band Lambda

XMS5A Stand Alone Engine Management System