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Wiring Diagrams


Perfect Power Wiring Diagrams.


Welcome to the improved Perfect Power wiring diagrams. These wiring diagrams are the electrical connections between our piggy-back units and your existing ECU in your car. Our piggy back units will be working in harmony with your Engine Control Unit (ECU) to provide the ultimate harmonious performance and fuel consumption from your engine. Should your engine be stock standard and you are looking for improved performance and/or fuel consumption then our Perfect Power piggy back products are exactly what is needed to achieve perfection. Should your engine get modified in any way, then you must put a piggy-back unit on to manage
the changes harmoniously. When your engine is out of harmony, then you will get loss of power and increased fuel consumption. These diagrams are grouped by car make and model information under the piggy back model. If you are not certain which piggy back unit best suits your  pocket or application requirements, then visit SMT6, SMT7, SMT8, SMT8L and SMT8T product information pages.


All the SMT6, SMT7, SMT8, SMT8L and SMT8T wiring diagrams have the same look and functionality. This list does not have any wiring diagrams for our stand alone products, please refer to our stand alone application notes for wiring assistance. Should we not have a wiring diagram here that suits your make and model, try another product from the list. There is a chance that with out selection of piggy-back products that one unit is better suited for your application needs, so please check all the Perfect Power piggy back products.


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